Mt. Makiling

An idyllic mountain forest reserve for hiking, camping, trekking, mountain biking and bird watching. This 1,109 m high legendary inactive volcano also offers other interesting sites such as the steaming sulfuric mud springs, flat rocks and a curious hill that pulls vehicles up its slopes ึ the magnetic hill.

Pagsanjan Falls

“Shooting the rapids” take a thrilling and scenic boat ride at Magpadio River as seasoned boatmen expertly maneuver a narrow native wooden banca through 14 adrenaline-stirring twisted rapids down to the falls.

Lake Caliraya

Water sports enthusiasts can bask in the breathtaking vista of greenery and endless blue skies that surround this tranquil lake. Situated above the mountains, this amazing locale is excellent for recreational wind surfing, para-sailing, jet skiing, swimming, kayaking and fishing.

City of Seven Lakes

Picturesque lakes around the city of San Pablo makes for a relaxing good time for holiday travelers.

Cold Spring Resort of Majayjay

Refresh and swim in the clear and chilly gushing waters from Mt. Banahaw – distinct contrast to Mt. Makiling’s warm waters.?